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XOXO, Mama Eyvon

About Me

I had my own boos when I was preparing for my wedding..... Was promised by then bridal shop nice pictures, stunning gowns, high res photos all returned to me. But to my horror I later found out.. I got a freelance photographer who works full time at a zoo taking photos for tourist, when I wanted a nice gown they said 'no outfield is very dirty anyway the gown won't be able to see details, just choose a old white gown will do.' Then I took photos in old white gown that almost be mistaken for a rag, and had over exposed photos given to me, worse part is I was forced to buy 30 pieces of 4r photos at $45 to $70 PER PIECE. Otherwise they will just 'discard' the photos...

​This is the very reason I set up Curvaceous Gowns Singapore for all the smart shoppers out there. A humble small bridal shop to get quality stuff at an affordable price!


In early 2008, I began my married life with the opening of our first chinese traditional and western wedding accessories online called Golden Happiness, we were the first to actually bring the convenience of online shopping of chinese traditional wedding accessories and soon enough competitors tried to catch up with us. One after another. So close and yet so far. Following the success of Golden Happiness




we decided to launch our bridal and occasion gowns collection in 2011, took us some years but slow and steady.


2011 I became pregnant with my first child Leann Faith Ng at the time I began to balloon up to a whopping 85kgs to a point where my gyne told me to stop eating or my baby will be in danger. At that point in time, I hated shopping because I will never find clothes that fits me, shop assistant will look at me and pass comments like 'erm dont have such big size la OR this design doesnt come in your size' all kinds of hurtful remarks. I was often the receiving end of body shaming, which is also why I am also an advocate to end body shaming :) as i truly believe that beauty comes in all shape and sizes.


Instead of drowning in sadness, I decided to launch Curvaceous Gowns Singapore that focuses on plus sized gowns. I believe we should all have equal chances of looking gorgeous on your big day no matter you are plus of petite. Others may be bias only carries gowns collection for regular sizes but not me.