What got me into the business

As I mentioned, my weight ballooned when I got pregnant with Leann, I tried many places to search for nice dresses but either I get the 'you are too fat' look from salesladies, it hurts when people give me the disapproving looks or pass nasty comments about my body. Even when I was a size UK10 while trying to look for the right wedding gown was difficult. The bridal shop would pass nasty comments like 'you should slim down some more, you arms are too meaty or you should eat before you step in' At that time, which was about 8 yrs ago I paid almost 9k for my wedding package and all I got was nasty comments of how I should slim down. I strongly feel that no woman should be made to feel uncomfortable about her body. I being to study the type of cut, fabric and laces that compliments a curvaceous body. The more I research the more I became interested and decided to get into the plus size wedding gown business. I realised Oh my, here's where I can really make a difference for brides who are looking for gowns that are fashionable and affordable to wear on the most important day of their life. Hence, this gave me a direction to work towards and head forward to. You need not fork out thousands of dollars on a gown which gives brides so much more budget to spend on the other parts of their wedding.


How do you know so much about what looks good on curvaceous ladies?

Being plus size and vain, I have spent a big portion of my time reading up and research on magazines, books to find out on what looks good for different body types. Different types of cut, different fabric and laces DOES make a HUGE difference.


Curvaceous Gowns Singapore formerly known as The Little White Wedding Shop has good feedback from customers

We get SMSs saying what great compliments brides receives on their wedding, guests are surprise that curvaceous brides are able to find wedding gowns that look good and affordable at the same time.


Are you able to rent wedding gowns at below $480 for bridal gowns?

We are not able to, as the renting process of gowns involves, dry cleaning which easily cost above $200, alterations that cost between $50 to $500. As you can see the sums often adds up to above $400. We are committed to rent the best well maintained gowns to our customers therefore not able to rent anything below $480.

Are you able to alter any gowns that I bought elsewhere?

No we are not able to. Also do consider before buying gowns online. They may be cheap but alterations will often cost between $50 to $500, because they are sewn together carelessly, put together recklessly.

The gown that I bought online didn't turn out the way I hope for it to be and my wedding is within 2 weeks, am I able to rent a gown within this short period of time?

Unless you are will to pay for express alteration fees ($50 to $500) depending on complexity of alteration, also willing to pay for express administrative fees of $50.


Do you offer occasion gowns? 

We provide gowns for all occasions however we do get nasty customers who expects to pay $50 for a $500 gown simply because 'it is just a few hours for dinner and dance', $50 is insufficient to even pay for alteration let alone dry cleaning, therefore our price range is FIXED between $100-$680 for colored gowns. Do carefully consider if the gowns are within your paying budget before contacting us. 

Read more about occasion gowns rental FAQ

How are your MTM gowns priced?

A huge part of our fees goes into material e.g farbic, laces other material. Often we need to ship quality fabric from other parts of the world to our home office to cut, sew and put everything together. This tedieous process is how we factor into the pricing of our MTM gowns of course having a home office to sew the gowns makes it more affordable and we are able inturn to charge at a lower price and also ensure gd quality mterials are used.

A complete gown includes the process of

1. Sketching 

2. Sourcing of fabric 

3. Importing of all necessary materials

4. Cutting of fabric 

5. Pinning cut fabric, putting them together and sewing the pieces together

6. Fitting

7. Alteration


Who designs and make these gowns?

Both me and my partner Kiki designs and makes these gowns, Kiki's makes most of these gowns in her home apartment. Kiki said that dont forget to mention that she is not good at serving customers therefore all orders and serving of customers will be handled by me Eyvon :P


How long does MTM take?

Depending on how many jobs we have on hand and how complicated each piece is, we would recommend between 4 to 6 months.


When should I book my gown or packages?

As soon as you can probably as early as 6 months before your photoshoot/ actual day whichever is applicable. Remember only one piece per design is available. 


Can I change my gown for another design after booking?

You may make change any point in time IF gown has not been altered, if you gown has been altered changes is still possible you will need to make payment for alterations done to the 1st gown.


Y are your package pricing shown online, which is extremely rare in the bridal industry

This is to ensure a transparent pricing policy also we feel that it is essential to know what you will be paying for


Can I verbally book a gown or request changes to be made to certain gown without payment?

All bookings and changes can be ONLY confirmed with payment. We do not reserve ANY pieces without deposit payment.


What happens if I decided to cancel my booking

All payment WILL be forfeited, no dispute shall be entertained.


Y customers are advised to make an appointment before making their way down?

As a mother of 2 and a one woman show, there are many times I have to fulfill my duties of a mother, wife, sister, daughter, chauffeur, delivery lady and so on.. please understand that at times due to emergency, I am not be able to be in the shop even thou there is a fixed opening hours stated on our website therefore an appt is greatly appreciated!