Terms & Conditions

Terms n conditions

Payment terms
1. Payment above $1000, we accept the following payments



Credit card (2.5% interest will incur) 

2. Payment below $1000 we accept 



3. Booking terms for payment above $1000

Strictly at 30% deposit for package bookings

Remaining 35% upon 1st fitting

Final 35% upon collection of all items

4. Booking terms for payment below $1000

1st payment of 50% payable by only cash or nets, remaining final payment of remaining amount to be paid upon collection of all items for actual day, all to be paid in cash or nets only

5. Payment on time
Kindly make all payment ON TIME as no items will be released if no payment is received

6. Cancellation for MTM or ala carte rental
Upon booking, if client request to cancel the booking for ANY reason in ANY point in time all paid to date amount will be forfeited. No dispute will be entertained.

7. Cancellation for any package

All amount paid to date will be forfeited

NO refund will be entertained


All packages/booking of any sort is valid for 2 years (from the day of signing up), thereafter, will be void

8. Change of design for gown or suit AFTER confirmation

After confirmation of any gowns or suit, no design changes will be allowed.  If customer wishes to change any design, a top up between $100 to $500 will incur

9. Alteration 
A 2 times sizing alteration will be provided, no remodifying of design is allowed

Remodification means

Removing or adding sleeves (extra $80 will incur)

Adjusting the length of waistline/bustline (extra $200 will incur)

Adding or removing crystals, beads or lace (extra $100 to $500 will incur)

10. Customization according to photos 
Please note that as we are only able to see design from photos, it will NOT be 100% identical to actual product, we can make to 70% similar to all photos provided.

11. Rental

Security deposit collected by seller upon collection of all items for all rented items, it may varies from $200 to $1000 depending on total value of items borrowed

Qwa/ shoes lost/damage $30 will be deducted from security deposit

For and moneybox lost/damaged $100 will be deducted from security deposit

All other decorative items lost/ damaged $50 will be deducted from security deposit

For any gowns lost/damaged $200 will be deducted from security deposit

For bridal car deco, lost/ damage $50 will be deducted from the security deposit