Occasion gowns rental FAQ

How to rent

  1. Gowns sizing are between UK12 to UK32

  2. Make an appointment with us, whatsapp to 91716463

  3. 1st hour of fitting is complimentary, subsequent hour will be charged at $10 of which will be deducted off your total bill when you confirm a booking with us

  4. Accessories i.e handbags, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and shoes are available for rent btw $10 to $50/piece

  5. Alterations are charged at $10 to $40 PER piece

  6. Should you need your gowns to be delivered we do charge a NETT $7 PER trip

  7. You may extend usage of the gowns by additional $20/per day

  8. Dry cleaning is complimentary

Late Fees Policy

  1. A fixed security deposit of $100- $200 (depending on design of gowns, accessories) will be collected upon collection or delivery of gowns

  2. Because our gowns are unique and our promise of on time delivery, we DO NOT purchase additional pieces just to fulfill orders, therefore all clients must return gowns by stipulated date, otherwise we do charge a late return fee of $30/day/gown. When your security deposit is fully deducted, we will then not accept any returns and gown/s is yours to keep. STRICTLY no dispute shall be entertained.

  3. We do not entertain ANY refund after booking , but are able to extend a 9-month validity of credit of the same value.

Damage & Staining of gowns

1. Bring back your gown irregardless, we will access that damage level and deduct accordingly from your security deposit, we understand that often little stains are inevitable we will remove them at no cost!