Personal note from Eyvon:

This note comes after endless encounters with unreasonable clients throughout my years of being in this business. I absolutely love my job it is unreasonable request that makes it hard for me to focus on my current clients and the jobs that I have to complete. As far as the kindness goes I think it is time for me to put a stop to all these unreasonable request.

Therefore i'm requesting

1. All appointment will be AUTO CANCELLED after 30mins of no show without informing us, we will not hesitate to block clients who are no shows and without having the courtesy to me. Your time is precious so is mine, I have young kids whom I have to pick up from school and a life at home to go back to.

2. I reserve the rights to refuse and not response to clients who are unreasonable, eg.

A. Clients who request for photos of all gowns before deciding to drop by.

B. Clients who request appointment at unearthly timings. (I have clients who calls me at 11.45pm saying they will arrive within the next 10mins to just view gown)

C. Clients who insist on dropping by to view gowns without appointments to 'just view' then insist on trying on gowns while I have other on going appointments

D. Clients who request for 'simple' ROM dresses. We are a gown shop we do not have dresses renting at $40. (I have clients who suggested we do not dry clean the gowns so as to rent it to her at $40)

E. Clients who is looking to rent the gown for just '1' day. Please understand, gowns needs to be altered, reserved and dry cleaned do you feel that 1 day is possible? Are you able to collect on your wedding day and return immediately after? (Clients have have comments like If the gown cost $500 and I can collect it a few days before and return a few days after why cant i just divide it equally according to the days and pay XX amount since i'm only using it for 1 day?)

F. Fake renting with the intention of pushing your MLM product to obtain a free display space and placing yourself in my shop to harass my clients. I have noticed a huge significant increase of sales people with the intention of renting 1 gown and insisting that I do them a favor back to help them sell their product or force their way through to put their MLM sample products in my shop. Unless you are ready to pay rent otherwise please

do not harass me to those who are still harassing me, I will consider exposing you on social media.

G. Adding me into chat group without signing of any packages or purchases. I have couple who added me into with chat group with no intention of signing up wanted just to get an immediate response on every question that they have with their entourage of 29pax. I will exit with no further notice. Chat groups will be auto set up by me upon signing up between relevant participants like make up artist, photographers etc.